Welcome to Bellissimo Shelties. We are a Sheltie breeder located in the beautiful mountainous area of North Idaho. We breed and are active in showing. We pride ourselves on our Bellissimo “very beautiful” puppies.

Bellissimo pups are gentle and well-socialized to people and other animals. We breed responsibly, focusing on good health and excellent temperament. Our breeding stock are tested for quality and excellence to the breed.

The Sheltie is intensely loyal, gentle, and sensitive. They are extremely intelligent and are very active. Shelties are loving companions for all members of the family.

John and Chrissy Green

About the Breed

The Sheltie is an extremely intelligent, quick dog from Scotland that resembles its bigger cousin the Collie. It excels in obedience, agility, herding trials and therapy work.  It has a double coat; active and athletic but adaptable to any lifestyle

Breed Standards

We believe in responsible breeding. We go above and beyond screening for health issues, temperament, and genetic screening, as well as to the individual care and placement of puppies in responsible homes.

Prepare For Your Puppy

How to prepare for your new puppy

Bellissimo Shelties

North Idaho